Desktop Software


This ‘conventional’ form of software is installed locally on each user’s Windows PC / Mac / Linux PC. It is suitable for:

Workplaces with modern, well-maintained
computers, all of the same format
(Windows, Mac or Linux).

Businesses who don’t want any ongoing hosting costs, and don’t anticipate requesting regular software updates.

Businesses who need software to
continue working even if network
connections fail.

We would ensure a reliable network backup system is put in place, if needed, to support the desktop software.

Why choose desktop software?

Once it is installed on an end user’s PC it can simply be used, regardless of whether any internet connection is available.

  • There are no hosting costs associated with using desktop software.
  • If internet access is temporarily lost, desktop software will still be usable.
  • There are no networking-related delays when using desktop software, so on a modern and well-specified computer desktop applications can run quicker than web applications.

Developing, running and maintaining desktop software

  • Desktop software requires manual installation on each PC upon which it will be used – this means more individual set-up than web applications, which we can manage for you (automated network installation is possible, though this requires some local networking expertise).
  • Updates to desktop software must be installed manually on every PC using it. If needed, we can assist your business with careful management of updates, especially to minimise the switch-over period and avoid having some users using the old version of the software, whilst some are using the new version.
  • Desktop software is run on the local computer, so it has minimum hardware requirements – we can help with ongoing maintenance to ensure it never runs unacceptably slowly.
  • Desktop software is usually developed for only one format – Windows PC, Mac, or Linux PC – but this is not a problem if all your workplace’s computers are of the same format. If you need to port from one format to another at a later date, we can assist with this transition.
  • Desktop software cannot be installed on mobile phones or tablets as these run different operating systems, and have very different user interfaces (keyboard & mouse vs. touch-screen).
  • Files or data generated by desktop software will by default be stored locally on the computer upon which it is run, so network-based backup must be considered separately to avoid potential data loss due to computer failure – we can help set up robust backup processes.
  • Desktop software is an excellent solution to your business needs, avoiding networking costs and complications, whilst making full use of local PC processing capabilities.

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