This rather specialised form of software is characterised by large, dedicated touch-screen devices. In terms of function, these devices are like much larger and non-mobile tablets. At present, they are mainly used for businesses with a particular knowledge domain, needing to provide multimedia introductory information to a few/groups of simultaneous users, in a fixed physical location, such as:


Providing a highly engaging, interactive learning experience for all age groups. Can also elegantly display many different types of media e.g. text, photos and videos simultaneously.


Displaying further details about the artefacts on show, or displaying information in a format appropriate to different user groups e.g. simplified and more visual information for children.


Gaming for multiple players, in bars or other social venues, from ‘physical’ classics such as table football, to classic arcade games, to augmented reality experiences where the display reacts to different types of object placed upon it.


Displaying product information, making purchases or paying for reserved items..

Product promotion

Usually presenting a combination of product information and entertainment, intended to boost brand image and create a ‘buzz’ at events.

Technical design

Starting to be used by engineers and architects in lieu of drafting tables.

This list is far from exhaustive; new and exciting uses are being pioneered constantly.

Why choose multi-touch display software development?

  • Multi-touch displays are large, interactive and visually striking, so if used optimally they can engage users better than any other format.
  • Multi-touch displays are well-suited to conveying information in multiple formats (text, picture, video) simultaneously.
  • Several users can simultaneously interact with a multi-touch display, thus enhancing collaborative educational and creative experiences.

Developing, running and maintaining multi-touch display software

  • Multi-touch display hardware (table, vertical display etc.) is specialised and can be expensive. We can guide you through the selection and procurement processes to ensure that you receive the right device for your needs, at the best price.
  • Multi-touch displays have characteristic usage patterns – a small number of simultaneous users, with short sessions, expecting ‘introductory level’ multimedia information or collaborative experiences. Throughout the design and development phases of the project we’ll work with you to ensure that the software fits these parameters, so that you get the best value from your investment.

The possibilities for this technology are endless – the only real limitation with multi-touch displays is the human imagination!

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