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This form of software can be accessed by any device with a web browser (called a ‘client’): desktop computers, mobile phones or tablets. Installed on a central ‘web server’, your devices can access it from anywhere with an internet connection – physical location is no limitation.

Web software is most suitable for:

Businesses whose customers will access the software using multiple different computer formats and mobile / tablet device

Businesses which don’t want any on-site activity for software installation or upgrades

Workplaces with old or low-powered devices which need to access the software

Offices with a reliable internet connection.

Why choose web software?

  • Web software doesn’t need to be installed on the clients (computers, mobile phones, tablets) which access it, so a new device can instantly start using the software.
  • Software updates happen only in one place (on the web server) so all clients will always be using the same version of the software.
  • For both initial installation and updates, there is no activity required in your workplace – it all happens remotely.
  • Web software can be designed to automatically adapt its format depending upon which type of device is accessing it – for example, when accessed from a desktop computer the site can display lots of information on each page, with small buttons, optimised for keyboard and mouse interaction, whilst when accessed from a mobile phone it can show less information per page, with larger buttons, optimised for touch-screen interaction.
  • Web software can be designed to do any required intensive processing or data-crunching on the remote server, so even less powerful clients can still successfully utilise the software.

Developing, running and maintaining web software

  • Web software is dependent upon a working network connection between the client and the server (usually via the internet). Web hosting providers tend to have very high uptime percentages (over 99.9%) but if short periods of downtime would be problematic, we can often adapt the software to include caches (short-term memory stores) to allow it to function until the network connection is restored.
  • Despite great strides in recent years towards standardisation, there can still be differences in website behaviour when using different browsers. We’ll test your web software against all the devices and browsers that will access it to ensure consistent and correct behaviour.
  • It is strongly advisable to offer a mobile version of websites, which display information in a format more suitable for small touch-screens. However, specific mobile apps are able to offer a richer and more interactive user experience than mobile-oriented websites.
  • We have experience in developing apps on the leading Apple iOS and Google Android platforms, so if you anticipate significant usage of your software from mobile touch-screen devices we can develop mobile apps for you alongside your web software.

Web software enables your employees and/or customers access from any networked location, with consistent performance and optimised user experience for each accessing device.

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