We offer development and support services across multiple technical platforms, and can help you to choose the most appropriate for your requirements

Desktop Software

This 'conventional' form of software is installed locally on each user's Windows PC / Mac / Linux PC. It is suitable for:...
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Mobile Application

This software is designed for small touch-screen devices – mobile phones and tablets. The app itself is installed on the client ...
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Web Application

This form of software can be accessed by any device with a web browser (called a 'client'): desktop computers, mobile phones ...
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This rather specialised form of software is characterised by large, dedicated touch-screen devices. In terms of function ...
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In the unlikely event that at some point in the future you spot something which doesn't match the original specification, we'll ...
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This form of software can be accessed by any device with a web browser (called a 'client'): desktop computers, mobile phones ...
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We can provide help to all business types:

Established businesses who need software to enhance current business processes – for example, automating manual or paper-based processes to improve productivity and reduce human error.
Start-ups who have a brilliant initial idea and need help to design and develop their application.

Meeting your needs

Whichever format(s) you choose, we'll always develop bespoke software to precisely satisfy your requirements. Research consistently shows that for commercial software approximately 80% of users only utilise around 20% of the available features.

This means that with 'off-the-shelf' software you're paying for a substantial proportion of features which will never be used. And worse, you will later need to develop workarounds for those features which aren't included – our tailored software will set your business free from those unfathomable, unreliable and unmaintainable spreadsheets which are a feature of too many offices.

We build it, you own it

Major software vendors including Microsoft and Adobe are increasingly moving towards subscription-based business models where you'll need to pay ongoing fees simply to continue using your software. By contrast, we operate a 'we build it, you own it' philosophy whereby you won't be tied into ongoing fees, but can choose to retain our support services if you wish.
Bespoke Technology built by us